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Post by Vanny » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:22 pm

Yesterday I received an adhoc invoice for the domain hosting, and found a new and unexpected charge relating to the BX16Valve forum, specifically the forum was running on a legacy PHP version for which the host was now charging a 'penalty'.

Consider the forum as running on leaded fuel, and if you've tried to buy that recently its super expensive.

So after a few hours of tinkering, we're running on V-Power, i'm no longer paying a penalty.

This was a totally unplanned, unpractised, unprepared change so there WILL be problems. Let me know any you find!

Changes include;
  • Web address to
  • PHPbb 3.1.12 to 3.2.2 (latest)
  • New MySQL database with 10x the capacity
  • PHP5.4 to 7.2

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