Time for New Exhaust System, Seeking Suggestions

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Time for New Exhaust System, Seeking Suggestions

Post by Harvey12 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:51 am

I have two vehicles in our family fleet that are starting to growl after winter took its toll. I’m trying to figure out the best place to take to vehicles to get the exhaust systems replaced.

A mate at work suggested taking them to a local chain store, a place I have used for tires, but nothing else. I suspect they can handle the wife’s car fine, it’s just an everyday family car. What I’m worried about is my vehicle. Have any of you taken you pride and joy to a chain to have the exhaust system changed?

I’m not the kind of guy who wants to rip into this project on my own. I tinker with the engines a little, but I stay away from brakes, steering, and exhaust.

I can see the hole in my muffler. It's not big yet, but it is already big enough the volume is increasing and I suspect it will not pass MOT. The wife’s car has a hole a few inches before the muffler, but the muffler looks pretty rough, too.

On a lighter note, another mate offered to do the work for me. I almost said yes, but then remembered what his truck looks like. I always thought the phrase you could fix anything with duct tape and baling wire was just a joke, but I think it is his reality. His tailpipe is currently held in place with a piece of wire. I have no idea how he plans to pass an inspection.

My regular mechanic quoted me a price about 30% higher than quotes from chains, at least by the estimate I got from National. I did not go to their office, I just requested a quote online. It is possible my mechanic is figuring extra parts they did not include, too.

What direction do you guys suggest? Who is the best at exhaust systems?
Is National the best bet?

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Post by RobC » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:49 am

Hi Harvey

If it's just the back and/or middle boxes you need, you may be ok with the local chain store. These parts are shared with the turbo diesel and 8v gti. However the down pipe on a bx16v is both difficult(ish) to remove without damaging nearby hydraulic and steering paraphernalia, and also a rarer part to find (the proper one has a split down the middle so that the exhaust gases go from 8-4-2-1 in a nicely graded manner rather than simply 8-4-1), so I wouldn't necessarily trust the muppets at kwikfit to be able to handle that task.

It may be that it would make sense to get a bespoke stainless system fitted if you plan to keep the car a long time. Costs a bit more, but peace of mind forever.

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Post by Mike P » Mon Apr 07, 2014 1:25 pm

Parts for these cars are getting scarce now, so OE parts are expensive and pattern parts can be of questionable quality.

I would agree with Rob, get a stainless one fitted. Retain the original downpipe and connect the s/s where it flattens out. Mine has a Powerflow like this, with front silence, no cross box and rear box fitted, been good for the last few years.

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