Nitrous Oxide Kit & Progressive Controller

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Nitrous Oxide Kit & Progressive Controller

Post by jayw » Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:59 pm

Due to going now going down the supercharging road i've decided the N2o kit will no longer be necessary so have decided to sell it. Going to stick it on fleebay eventually but thought i'd offer it up here a bit cheaper than it should make on the bay:

Cold Fusion multiport (4 cyl) full kit.
5lb Bottle
All brackets, switches, hoses, brackets, nozzzles, jets etc, even silcone hose to cover the engine bay tubing (for heat proofing, reducing vaporisation and just because it looks really good).

Basically EVERYTHING you need to install it to any 4 cylinder EFI car.

Also comes with a matching Purge kit.

It's all Brand New and unused and cost £600+

Can be fitted by any competent mechanic quite easily with nothing more specialised than a decent drill, a tap and a basic tool kit.

Looking for around the £350 mark. If anyone's interested I can give further details / pics.

Additionally i have a NEW progressive controller to use with the above. Cost £250, looking for £125.
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