Centre console Gearshift Pattern Plates

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Centre console Gearshift Pattern Plates

Post by russ92xmsed » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:20 pm

Hi everyone,
My name is Russ, I have defected from the XM forum where i'm a mod. :) Some of you might know me from some CCC Rallies. I make up Decals for XM's and BX's mainly. Including engine bay sets and total stickers, and once I check my stock, 16V tyre pressure stickers for the door jamb.

I have joined, because late last year, Luke asked me if I could somehow produce something to replace the manky or missing little gearshift decal plates that sit by the gearstick on the centre console. Knowing that they are impossible to find now, I have had some proper anodised brushed aluminium plates made up with the correct black graphic printed on top. I worked from an original plate, so they are as close as I can possibly get.

They cost £8.50 each which includes UK postage. £9.50 for overseas postage. Paypal preferred please.
They don't have an adhesive backing, only because I wanted to leave this up to the individual to decide how to stick them into place. You might want to use something stronger than double sided tape for example.

So please send me a PM to order any, or place an order below if you're interested. They will be available at CCC Rallies, but only if I get to them! :lol:




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Re: Centre console Gearshift Pattern Plates

Post by Toddman » Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:15 pm

I can vouch for the quality of there items, I have not fitted mine yet but many of you know how long I have tried finding one.

Russ :D also make sup great decals and graphics
Please call me Luke :)
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